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World-Class Transportation and Logistics Management
Consolidated Distribution Corporation partners with some of the largest affiliates in national and overseas third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) to provide our customers with a range of customized dry and frozen transportation and logistics solutions.

CDC drives savings through tactical cost reductions and product velocity improvements, resulting in efficient service, shorter transit times and error-free deliveries within tight shipment windows that customers need and expect. CDC's transportation solutions allow competitive product movement through more than 40,000 independent contract carriers, each averaging more than 100 truck fleets. CDC can leverage critical volumes in excess of 300 suppliers to more than 170 distribution centers nationwide over a network of thousands of lanes.

Our logistics and transportation services include:

  • Over-the-road fleet (TL or LTL)
  • Intermodal and rail
  • International services through a network of independent carrier relationships
  • Optimization of regional, superregional, national and international transportation networks
  • Procurement and carrier administration activities


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