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Efficient Management for Successful Promotions
Promotions, limited time offerings (LTO) and regional menu offerings (RMO) can be a profitable way to attract customers. But if promotions are mismanaged, they can lead to increased costs and undermine operational efficiency.

Consolidated Distribution Corporation can manage your promotions, helping control costs and efficiencies by offering a large variety of specialty items at competitive prices. Our services make new product introduction, phase-in, phase-out, product allocation and inventory management simple.

The advantages of CDC promotions management include:

  • Integrated 24/7 systems functionality
  • Micro-managing demand planning of concept promotions:
       - Product introduction phase-in inventory management
    Promo cycle safety stock monitoring
    Promo cycle just-in-time purchasing & replenishment
    Product introduction phase-out inventory management
  • Inventory loss prevention management
  • Forecasting accuracy management
  • Distributor order ceiling monitoring (via CDC’s CRR system)
  • Enhanced customer communications
  • Promotions success & issue communication and reporting
  • Historical and correlational forecasting and inventory management
  • Food and non-food (toy, event kits, etc.) promotions management
  • Promotions performance intelligence
  • Customer service with proven results - second to none in the industry


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