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Our Redistribution Model
Redistribution adds value in the foodservice and retail supply chain by streamlining product velocities and dramatically reducing costs. Click the diagram below for an expanded look at how redistribution works throughout the supply chain.

As a redistributor, Consolidated Distribution Corporation buys qualified redistribution products from the manufacturer/vendor and ships these items to our facilities in TL quantities. We then move full, mixed TL shipments of consolidated SKUs of product to the distributor. This leads to optimized supplier production runs, lower distributor safety stock, and increased inventory turns – in effect, a more efficient foodservice supply chain overall.

An optimized supply chain allows customers to negotiate with a manufacturer, knowing that product will arrive at the restaurant with a reasonable distribution cost markup and a lower freight rate. CDC analyzes and reports to the chains and co-ops, allowing them to determine what their total landed cost should be by SKU. This transparency helps reveal costs previously hidden in the supply chain, leading to reduced costs. Click the diagram for a look at how CDC's Redistribution Model works.


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