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Integrated Solutions from Source to Distributor
Consolidated Distribution Corporation's integrated services benefit all levels of the foodservice supply chain. Here is a look at the benefits we provide to foodservice chains, suppliers and foodservice distributors.

Foodservice Chains

Our services are the most visible to foodservice franchisors, purchasing cooperatives, and ultimately the franchisees. Among the benefits you will see:

  • Better Communications and Customer Service
  • Vital Data Transparency
  • Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control
  • Significant Reduction of Costs
  • Compliance and Contingency Management
  • Promotions Management and Improved Store Product Support
  • Enhanced Supplier Negotiations
  • Enhanced Distributor Management
  • Business Interruption Recovery Plan

Foodservice distributors can expect the following benefits:

  • Customer Service, Communications and Responsiveness
  • Vital Data Transparency
  • Inventory Management
  • Significant Reduction of Costs
  • Compliance
  • New Product Launches
Foodservice Distributors

Our services also offer significant advantages to suppliers, foodservice manufacturers and vendors, including:

  • Distributor Communications and Responsiveness
  • Distributor Inventory Management
  • Elimination of Costs
  • Enhanced Store Level Support
  • Business Interruption Recovery Plan


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