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Expertise in Warehousing
From cold storage and dry storage, to long-term bulk storage and just-in-time inventory management, Consolidated Distribution Corporation offers state-of-the-art inventory management and expert warehouse operations techniques.

CDC works with an extensive U.S. network of company-owned and affiliate warehousing facilities to manage every aspect of your supply chain. We currently handle more than 1,700 unique SKUs on a daily basis, utilizing detailed procedures for inventory, offloading, identification, verification, picking and staging functions.

Our On-Demand Data Portal enables customers to obtain real-time inventory detail, track product movement and create customized reporting.

This network of facilities is operated with CDC's best practices in mind. We achieve high marks from our customers for our warehousing and system storage management; in 2012, CDC scored 100 percent on Cold Chain Management, with a 98 percent overall quality score on the most recent Silliker Distribution Center Audit.

Click on the maps to review our company's supplier, distribution, and warehousing territory.

Our Value-Added Services
  • HACCP program fully implemented
  • Food & property security program fully implemented
  • Incoming material acceptance program
  • Trace/recall program
  • Controls to minimize product variability and ensure customer specifications
  • Programs to ensure effective sanitation practices
  • Annual process audits conducted by each of our franchisors/co-op customers:
       - 2016 Silliker Quality System: 100
       - 2016 Silliker Cold Chain Management: 100
       - 2016 Audit: 98.9 (Overall Dry) / 97.9 (Overall Cold)    

  • 99.8% accuracy on orders filled
  • Well-trained & experienced employees
       - Continuing education/training of employees
       - Employee turnover less than 2.5% per annum
       - Average experience in operations 8+ years

  • Documented preventative maintenance program
  • Green forklift handling - loading/unloading
  • Less than 2% downtime annually
  • Order pick selection | Pallet module building
  • SKU rationalization
  • Modern Midwest mega warehousing totaling more than 500,000 square feet
  • Up to 300,000 square feet of warehousing in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas
  • Modern equipment utilizing the latest technology
  • On-site frozen & dry warehousing
  • Seasonal harvest storage
  • Redistribution | Cross-docking
  • Load planning
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Hand stack loading/unloading
  • Pallet exchange
  • GS-1 Traceability
  • PIMM Compatibility
  • Labeling | Stamping
  • Dock scheduling
  • Import/Export shipment management
  • CSCC & C-TPAT documentation preparation
  • Mode/Carrier selection
  • 4 day lead time to stage pick-ups for distributors
  • 3 week inventory on hand at all times
  • Safety stock on hand for catastrophe replenish
  • Deployment Strategies


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